Chinese 13 Card Poker

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  • 更新 : 1970-01-01
  • 开发商 : Smappsoft(官网)
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Chinese扑克牌的游戏越来越多,但很多都是有套路的,十分的简单,只要掌握一些小技巧就能赢得胜利。所以很多玩家觉得十分的没有挑战性,但是今天小编介绍的这款游戏就是很考验智商的一款扑克牌游戏了。那就是《Chinese 13 Card Poker》。

13 Card Poker is a fun and addicting card game for up to 4 players online with Game Center, or locally using Bluetooth or Pass-n-Play on the iPad, iphone, and iPod Touch. See our promotional video at http// Also known as 13 Cards, Russian Poker, or Pusoy, Chinese 13 Card Poker is a popular game played around the world. Up to 4 players are dealt 13 cards each, sort these cards into 3 poker hands (one 3 card and 2 five card hands) and showdown the hands against the other players to win chips and bonuses. Play against your friends online using Game Center, or locally using Peer 2 Peer Bluetooth, Pass - n - Play. Or, play solo against computer AI opponents. Chat with friends during the game, earn Game Center achievements for your bonus hands, and tweet your best hands!


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